What is a LEED GA

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LEED GA, is Leading in Energy & Environmental Design, Green Associates, it is the basic knowledge of green environmentally friendly building, which reviews, site selection when considering a location to build, indoor air quality, recycling process, landscaping, water reduction, for toilettes & sinks, energy efficient lighting! LEED GA Consultants make up to $75,000 on various projects Nationally, and it is the most cost effective way to build, for homes, schools, and neighborhood development.

LEED AP, is Leading in Energy, & Environmental Design, Accredited Professional, AFTER YOU HAVE OBTAINED THE LEED GA, you can now study in specified field of development in LEED, such as Neighborhood Development, LEED Schools, LEED Homes, New Construction & Existing Buildings. This accreditation is a more technical aspect of LEED, where you begin to calculate credits. Credits determine the rating of the building, SILVER, GOLD, PLATINUM, points gathered based upon it’s method of innovative cost effectiveness & savings (PROFIT), healthy atmosphere (PEOPLE), preservation methods, reducing waste (PLANET).

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