My First Apartment

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Hello everyone, reflecting back at the age of 19 researching my first apartment. Remembering so desperately wanting to have an apartment. However, only working part-time while attending school, with a limited budget the first thought was to find a room mate. After careful consideration a room mate was selected. It was a great apartment, the lights and gas was included so the only bills were the rent, phone and food.

In fact, after selecting an affordable apartment which required the rent and the deposit, this was exciting times. Thus, however, after 4 years at the age of 23, an employment opportunity with the Government was offered. Again, exciting times, it allowed the opportunity to move in a larger apartment with new furniture and purchase a car. In fact, after two years of employment at the age of 23 purchasing a home offered considerable stability.

These were exciting times opportunities to learn, grow and strive for great accomplishments. These were ladders of growth that lead to great positions that allows for continued progress. However, it took great sacrifices and discipline. Here are some steps to finding your first apartment and budgeting:

Researching your first Apartment:
1) Newspaper – Research (Apartments for Rent)
2) Apartment- Important consideration
a) Rent Amount and Deposit
b) Utilities Included
c) With furniture or without
d) Sustainable
1) On Bus Line
2) Near a Park
3) Near a Grocery Store
3) Most important – Cleanliness and Maintenance

Researching your first Home:
1) Locate a Broker
2) Drive through area of interest
3) Check Value of Property
4) Compare to the Sale
5) Basic Maintenance – Check for Leaks
a) Last Roof Repair
b) Basement Sealant
c) Garage Roof
6) Repairs and Restoration Required
7) Sustainable
1) On Bus Line
2) Near a Park
3) Near a Grocery Store

These are basic recommendations in this everlasting search for that dream place of called stability and shelter.


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