Mindfulness Day 19: Appreciation and Joy

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B.E.S.T. Holistic Wellness

While affirmations are great, there is a chance they can ‘bandage’ a troubled mind-state.  This Appreciation exercise is different.

Appreciation practice is an investigation!   Think to yourself, “What can I appreciate right now?”  Take a moment, look around, can you find anything, anywhere, in this moment, that is cause for appreciation?  When we take a little time, we find there are many things to appreciate from being dry, clothed, and well fed, to encountering a kind store clerk or the warmth of a cup of tea or coffee in our hand.Day19-Appreciation

This practice helps us stop, open our senses and become receptive to what is available in our lives right now.

Appreciation is a practice that assists us in cultivating joy. The Buddhist term for joy is mudita. It means more than just appreciating what makes us feel good.  It includes the happiness we feel in connection with other…

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