The Benefits of Juicing And My Green Juice Recipe

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I have been juicing for over a year now and I cannot tell you enough what wonders it does for your body. I think everyone should try and juice at least 3 times per week.

By now you’re probably asking yourself what this juice thing is all about. I’m sure you’ve heard that “juicing is good for you,” but may not fully understand why.

So “Why Juice?” Because juicing allows you to quickly extract, absorb the most important vitamins and nutrients locked within nature’s bounty!

Today’s highly processed foods that we eat on a daily basis just don’t give us the nutrients needed for our bodies to thrive.

Drinking juice allows the body to receive the maximum benefit from the fruits and vegetables we regularly eat. When produce is juiced, the good stuff (vitamins, nutrients, enzymes and minerals) is released from the fiber, allowing highly concentrated nutrients to directly…

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