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Part II: Enrolling/Registering Blues

20140118-113240.jpg The Healthcare Market Website

A while back, I gave a little blurb on the healthcare mandate. Well, here is a follow up. I thought I would,”try” to sign up and see if I can find a comparable, cheaper healthcare coverage for my family and I. I mean, the worst that can happen is I don’t find anything I like, right? Wrong. You know all of those horror stories you hear about how horrible the system and how hard it is to actually register/enroll for anything on the darn website? True story. Personal experience, PLUS, another friend’s experience.

Here is how it went/going:

I started the registration process on December 30th. The application itself is easy breezy, took about 10 minutes. Just because there are five of us. So, for a single applicant, it will probably be 2 like minutes.

I created an account, username, ect. Then…

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