Day 6 – 20 days Bodystyle Spring Detox

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Aino Apple

I’m not a fan of looking always for the numbers on my scale! I’m more into looking how I feel with my body and if I fit in my summer hot pants 😉
But nevertheless I controlled the last days with weighing myself and today I realized that I reached my ideal weight again!! After I spend the beginning of the year in Rome and France where I ate way too much and to heavy, I finally am in my personal best shape again! But without ever being hungry, just with changing my nutrition into the most healthy one possible and ditching as much as possible refined industrial sugar, gluten, especially white bread, white noodles etc and of course with a plant based nutrition!
It’s not about how much you eat, but what you eat!
For me loosing weight is definitely not my goal with this detox days, it’s more…

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