People who live in Sunny climates or work out doors have lower death rates from cancers

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Our Guest expert today is Paul Scicluna of Global Health Renegade discussing the importance of Vitamin D

Paul Scicluna is a No.1 international best-selling author, health coach and passionate public speaker.


From ancient times to the present day the sun has always been known as the giver of life. However for the last fifty or so years, it has been touted as the evil crusader of cancer!

I  agree that sunbaking yourself on each side for too long is nothing short of stupid. However I don’t think most people who get sun burnt actually go out to get burnt. So we need to be a little more mindful when going out in the sun, timeframes of exposure, and skin type.

Direct sun exposure is essential for the production of vitamin D in the body. We don’t get vitamin D from the sun. Most people don’t realise that we actually produce…

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