Big 2014 Winter Water Damage Increases Need for Environmental Hygienists, Reports Mold Expert

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Mold consultant Phillip Fry reports that the severe 2014 winter water and mold damage to residences and commercial buildings increases the need for Certified Environmental Hygienists and Professional Industrial Hygienists in the USA, Canada, and Europe.


Montrose, MI, April 02, 2014 — Because the brutally-cold and long 2014 winter has caused significant water damage to many homes and commercial and public buildings in the USA, Canada, and Europe, and because water intrusion causes toxic mold growth, the need for more environmental and industrial hygienists is now even greater than usual according to mold consultant Phillip Fry.

“Environmental and industrial hygienists have the training and experience to do thorough building investigation to find and evaluate the extent of winter water damage and toxic mold growth hidden inside walls, ceilings, floors, crawl spaces, basements, attics, and heating, ventilating, and air conditioning (HVAC) equipment and ducts,” reported Mr. Fry, Certified Environmental Hygienist, Professional…

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