Environmental & Industrial Hygienist Training Seminars Now Available Worldwide, Announces E.H.A.

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The Environmental Hygienists Association announces that the association can conduct its hygienist training and certification seminar in any city in the USA, Canada, Central and South America, Asia, Europe, the Middle East, or Africa.


Montrose, MI, April 07, 2014 — Businesses, government agencies, and associations anywhere in the world can arrange for their own local training seminar conducted by the Environmental Hygienists Association (E.H.A.) to train and certify staff associates as Certified Environmental Hygienists and Professional Industrial Hygienists.

E.H.A. training instructors Phillip and Divine Fry will travel anywhere in the USA and internationally. The Frys themselves are certified hygienists, as well as Certified Mold Inspectors, Certified Mold Remediators, and Certified Air Duct Cleaning Specialists, who also provide environmental inspection and remediation services nationwide in the USA, Canada, and Asia with their EnviroFry company at www.moldexpertconsultants.com.

Mr. Fry is the author of five mold advice ebooks and the webmaster of…

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