Meet Modavantigirl Raquel Griffin: Style, sustainability, spirit

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Meet Raquel Griffin, our newest Modavantigirl. Founder of the fashion blog Granola Glamor, this green fashionista has a waredrobe and style to die for,as well as an inspiring outlook on life. At the height of her successful career as a personal stylist and fashion editor, Raquel began to feel unfulfilled and exhausted in the cut-throat fashion business. As she puts it, “It was the classic cliche. I was a yoga-doing, old-school hip-hop loving, vintage-obsessed, hippie with a heart of gold stuck in the fickle world of New York fashion. The harder I tried to put my artist’s heart aside in the name of cash flow, the more frustrated I got and it was time to get out”. This prompted her journey to self awareness, spirituality and wellness. She studied photography, trained as a Reiki teacher and went raw vegan.

Following a six year journey of exploring holistic and healing methods…

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