No Fabrics Left Behind: Born Again Vintage Shines at Fashion Week Brooklyn 2014

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I’m the daughter of a seamstress. I grew up watching my mother make all types of fashion pieces-from pageant gowns for my older sister to cocktails dresses for her friends and clients.  There was a section in the house  where I grew up in that was reserved solely for my mother’s sewing machine. Surrounding her sewing machine were bags that contained scrap of fabrics. My mother saved everything. I mean everything. Seldom were clothes thrown out of my house. My mother had a knack for revitalizing clothes that seem to be on life support. I guess she was somewhat a head of the curve because sustainable fashion has become extremely popular within recent years.

Many designers have responded to the overwhelming call to produce more sustainable fashion. They have done so by  producing select items like food shopping bags and tee shirts, while other designers have made commitments in only producing eco friendly fashions.

I attended this month’s Fashion Week Brooklyn. The first night kicked off with Sustainable Fashion by local designers. One of the…

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