Finding Purpose in Paris

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Veritas Abroad

Some Famous Tower

Paris is the dream, so they say.  It’s a magical place of endless croissants, crêpes, and baguettes.  It’s a place where getting lost means finding my new favorite pâtisserie.  It’s a place filled with history, architecture, and museums.  It’s a place where I can now call home.

It’s also a place that, within the first week of moving here, made me feel empty.  It’s easy to fall in love with this place.  I mean, the people, food, and culture are nothing short of extraordinary.  But why am I here? Better yet, who am I here for? Every time I asked myself these questions, my answers left me dissatisfied.

I want something more than the smell of coffee and bread to wake me up in the morning.

I want purpose.  

I want to know that when I leave this place, I’m not just leaving with crêpes in…

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