Ten Tips to Help You Focus — And Get More Done

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Late Blooming Entrepreneurs

Last week, I contacted several late-blooming entrepreneurs and asked them to share time-management tips that help them run their business.  As the responses began arriving, it wasn’t long before a theme emerged.

Focus is king.

“Establish your goals and objectives and then focus like a laser on accomplishing them,” said Bill Cheeks of ABBA Associates, which conducts personal finance seminars. “I do not get confused or sidetracked.”

That’s easier said than done.  A client pops in. Your computer freezes. A big product order arrives suddenly. The overnight delivery guy needs a signature. Interruptions and the unexpected are inevitable for entrepreneurs.

And then there’s the never-ending list of tasks associated with running a business. “Trying to do too many things at once can scatter your focus and make you feel as if you’re just bouncing around, unsure of the best direction to take,” said Sharon Dillard of Get A Grip, a franchise company that refinishes…

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