Community Environmental Issues In Katooke of the Wakiso District

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Initiatives and Development at Friends of Canon Gideon Foundation


    The most important first step in taking community action on behalf of health and the environment is understanding the complexities, socioeconomic variables, and layout of the area. Luckily, in my first week here in Uganda, I had a wonderful local guide, Herbert Mbalinda (a member of the FOCAGIFO staff and Dean of the Hope Institute), who gave a tour, answered questions, and helped me to better understand some of these factors.
The first and most obvious environmental problem easily observable in the area is the total lack of waste management resources.  Beyond a basic lack of sensitization to the effects of litter in the fields, roads, and ditches, there is little accessible municipal assistance offered to people, not just in this village, but seemingly in all Kampala’s surrounding subdistricts. There are gazetted garbage disposal sites within the city and garbage collection services are indeed offered. However, these…

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