Environmental Education for a Better Tomorrow

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Corporate Sustainability

Environmental Education essentially refers to an organized effort which is aimed at teaching how the natural environment functions and predominantly, how can human beings manage their activities and behaviour to make sure about the sustainability of the ecosystems.

The scope of this discipline related to the environment, permits individuals to explore various environment related issues, take part in problem solving processes and to take planned and appropriate actions which would help in improving the environment. Sustainability education among individuals helps in developing a deeper perceptive of environmental related issues, and also enhances the scope equipping them with necessary skills to make informed and careful decisions after weighing all the pros and cons.

Environmental education essentially aims at enhancing:

  • Awareness and understanding about the burning environmental issues and challenges that lie ahead.
  • Knowledge and thoughtful consideration about how to face the environmental challenges.
  • Concern for the environment.
  • An attitude of concern…

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