Yoga: the Path of Holistic Wellness

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The Center of Holistic Wellness in Sedro Woolley, WA

What is Yoga?

Contrary to what many folks believe, yoga is not about turning yourself Modified_Janu_Sirsasanainto a pretzel (although that can be fun, eventually), or sweating buckets in a 100 degree room (although some modern yoga styles do use a heated space), or only for people who are already “flexible” (although yoga will help you to–among many other things–become more flexible). In fact, limiting a definition of yoga to a mere physical exercise routine fails to recognize the deeper meanings–and benefits–of yoga.

Yoga is a systematic path of holistic wellness that brings refinement to the body, mind, and the more subtle–what we call the Inner Self.

In Sanskrit–the language of yoga (in class, you may hear instructors name poses like Trikonasana or Virabhadrasana)–the word Yoga means Union. Through a variety of practices,  yoga empowers us to unite the body, mind, and Inner Self.

Yoga is an ancient system…

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