Yoga: The Path of Holistic Wellness

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I am so excited to be a guest blogger for the Center for Holistic Wellness’ Practitioner BlogClick here to check out this new exciting forum for community conversation and sharing …

Below is an excerpt from my answer to the question: What is Holistic Wellness & How do we Achieve it?

What is Yoga?

Contrary to what many folks believe, yoga is not about turning yourself Modified_Janu_Sirsasanainto a pretzel (although that can be fun, eventually), or sweating buckets in a 100 degree room (although some modern yoga styles do use a heated space), or only for people who are already “flexible” (although yoga will help you to–among many other things–become more flexible). In fact, limiting a definition of yoga to a mere physical exercise routine fails to recognize the deeper meanings–and benefits–of yoga. Yoga is a systematic path of holistic wellness that brings refinement to the body…

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