Styling new looks with old clothes – Le Rouge et le Noir

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Italy Chic Life

Another endeavor of mine to bring some lively color to the black tone of Italian winter fashion.

A few years ago when I first moved to Italy, my mother-in-law used to judge my style of fashion, for example when I was using a green color bag in winter to carry laptop. Then I did observe the street styles in the high streets in Milan, and guess what, it was unexceptionally BLACK!

I do respect the rules of fashion in Italy. But all black through the entire winter? Come on! Especially the winter lasts a long time here in the north. Well, today let’s go for the red and the black!

Dawn jacket: Husky, bday present from hubby in 2010.
Red pants: Mango, bought in Cannes in 2011.
Hand bag: Salvatore Ferragamo, bought in Vietnam duty free in 2007
Purse: Lancel 1950’s vintage, present from hubby in 2011 in southern France

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