Great Green Roofing ideas for an Energy Efficient Home

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There are many tricks you can use when you’re insulating your home. One of the most effective is using water-retentive soil and roots, as well as layers of green growth, to provide an ecologically sound alternative to the conventional layering. Many green materials can insulate your house better than traditional ones. While these materials may require lots of care, they are simple and self-sustaining. Whatever type of green material you decide to use, it will help to insulate the underlying structure of your home whilst at the same time preventing runoff and air pollutants from entering your home. Here is our rundown of things to know when you going green:image

•​All green construction styles involve a number of layers. Different materials such as EPDM liners, metal covers and vinyl sheets can be used to protect its structures. These materials are used to ensure water drains away efficiently, preventing damage to…

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