5 Foods You Should Be Juicing

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When you think of juicing, a glass of something deep green and not very appetizing probably comes to mind. However, the best raw juice blends, as well as smoothie ingredients, actually incorporate different types of fruits and vegetables, not only for the nutritional benefits, but for some surprisingly great flavor.

Here are just a few of the types of foods that nutritionists say you should consider adding to your  juice or smoothie:

Frozen Fruit

You may already know what a great ingredient frozen fruits can be for smoothies, but you can juice them as well. Experts recommend that you choose frozen fruits with no added sugar.

Swiss Chard

A great glass of juice, or a smoothie, is all about balance. This means that it shouldn’t be all fruit, nor should basically be a glass of straight broccoli juice (umm, unless you really like that sort of thing).  Greens like kale…

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