6 Ways to Connect With the Spiritual Side of Easter

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Jenny Wright--Blog Home

6 Ways to Connect with the SpiritualEaster is the most important event of the year in most churches, which makes it a double edged sword.  In some ways it is an incredibly spiritual time.  In other ways, it is draining.  Personally, I’m in the middle of doing a VBS preview set for our church’s Easter egg hunt, I’m prepping for my Easter sermon at the nursing home tomorrow, I’m trying to get things together for my kid’s Easter baskets, I’m getting ready to have my kiddos home for spring break and I’m struggling to keep up with all the craziness that normally goes on day in and day out…and this Easter is the least busy that I’ve had in several years!

Amid all the bunnies and eggs and church production, it is easy to forget to embrace this spiritual season for ourselves.  Here are some suggestions to help you connect with this incredible celebration.

1.  Attend…

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