Easy suggestions for nurturing and growing your FICO credit score

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Steve Johnston Loan Officer

agriculture. plant in a hand

Its Spring Time! Its time that things start growing and blossoming! Its the same with your FICO credit score. It is that time to start growing and increasing your credit FICO score. In order to understand how to nurture and grow your FICO credit score you need to know what it is. Your FICO Score… what is it? FICO Score are the numbers that are totaled by the credit reporting bureaus that lenders look at to determine whether you are good at paying what you owe when you owe it. Each credit bureau figures the score slightly different, so you usually have different scores for each bureau. Also depending on why you are pulling your credit you may have different scores for the same bureau.

There are many things that affect FICO scores both for the positive and the negative
• 35% of your score is based on your debt…

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