Toxic Chicken

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Be a Seed for Change

Tyson Foods: Stop pouring dangerous chemicals on chickens     

                                                By Sherry M.
                                                Washington, Alabama

I didn’t expect to already be on disability, seeking early retirement. But I’m here because of companies like Tyson which require the use of hazardous chemicals on poultry in facilities like the one I worked in. That’s not safe for workers. And it’s allowing companies to cut corners and put the public’s health at risk. I want Tyson to be an industry leader and stop using these chemicals, especially peracetic acid, which is poured all over these carcasses. Having well-trained experts rather than an over-reliance on chemicals will help keep meat contaminated with feces or pus or harmful bacteria off our plates.

I am proud of my work as a USDA poultry inspector where one of my primary duties was to protect the public from foodborne illness. My parents and grandparents worked…

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