Would You Eat Expired Food? See How Long The USDA Says It’s Safe For AFTER The Date

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1025 KSFM

If you saw food that had expired, you would probably just throw it away, right? Well, the USDA is saying that most stuff is still good 12-18 months AFTER the expiration date! Get the story…

People.com reports that Americans throw away about 36 pounds of food per month!

They say:

“In an effort to reduce that food waste, the USDA and EPA have teamed up in the U.S. Food Waste Challenge, which includes the rolling out of an app called FoodKeeper that will give consumers a better shelf life estimate for their every day groceries.”

In a video posted by the USDA, their spokesperson said:

“Many products may have a sell-by date of, say, April 1, but they could be good in your pantry for another 12 or 18 months. And by throwing those out, what you’re doing is you’re contributing to food waste in the United States.”

The app will also…

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