AIDS Patented Cure

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AIDS Patented Cure

US Patent 5,676,977 is the one time treatment for “curing ” the AIDS virus. Here is the actual Patent from the patent office. Its made out of silver:

US Patent 5,676,977 AIDS Cure

Here is the US Patent 5,242,820 that was derived from AIDS Patents. It is a Pathogenic Mycoplasma supposedly responsible for Mad Cow (prion) disease, cancer, and AIDS (a form of cancer):

US Patent 5,242,820 Pathogenic Mycoplasma

I have given the US Patent  5,676,977  One Time treatment to cure the AIDS virus to six medical doctors ALL with the same result. All just quickly look at the document and then proceeded to hand it back to me without any questions or comments. Why would “they” all do that you may ask? Because “they” have NO intention of “curing” anything!! “They” ONLY treat the symptoms in order to continue to generate revenue for themselves. When one creates a problem and…

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