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Pat Brown, Author, of “Healthy Ultimate Beginnings – Cookbook” a Bachelor in Business Administration, Masters Candidate, LEED GA Candidate, Diversity Training, Eco-Entrepreneur and 4th Generation Entrepreneur. Serving as a tutor for students in the Public School Sector, Pat, continues to seek new ways of using her skill sets in the community.  Born in Cleveland, Ohio, just one of several siblings, taught  that through God, one could determine their destiny, while maintaining what was fair towards others. Thus  through allowing individuals to seek their god given potential they become inspired to their hopes and dreams, that ultimately transcend into a giving spirit of reciprocation that reverberates for generations to come.

Mission and Passion

In fact, as a child reared to remain involved. This philosophy continues to keep Pat a student of life always seeking opportunities to create growth yet, forever remaining in the search of a simpler more sustainable way of life. Still, this culture of belief allows the opportunity to share in a kindred spirit of appreciation. Thus, after working 10 years of Public Service, the desire to make a  direct impact in the lives of others encouraged inspiration. This opportunity became more prevalent, than ever. It was in this revelation, the greater appreciation of the  African Heritage, and the African Safari, inhibiting natural living environments as one, with human, animal and nature set forth the global mission, to pursue the field of Green Training Skills and Sustainability; Through further research of responsible ways where individuals can raise a greater consciousness of preservation if not only themselves, but the world around them while addressing social economics, and self sustainability. Thus, began her philanthropy, and community organizing for healthy life style skills and opportunities.

Awards and Recognitions:

In fact, Pat Brown, was Listed in the Worldwide Publishing, 17th Edition of Empowering Executives, Professionals and Entrepreneurs Around the World,  Nominated for Cambridge Who’s Who, Stanford Who’s Who, Certification of Appreciation for her Summer Youth Green Training Program, Environmental Certification and in her Environmental Consultancy she now, serves on the Clean Energy Committee, Education Committee, the President and Chairwoman of a non-profit organization, coaching and educating in Green Training and healthy life style skills, where she continues to lend her services. As a female Eco-Entrepreneur owner, Pat’s mission is to create employment and investment opportunities to sustain the philanthropic endeavors of a Green Global Goal, for healthier environment.

Pat Brown, Political Campaign Organizer:

Still, Pat Brown, a Political Campaign Manager work experience dates back to the late Ike Thompson, former 14th District State Representative  Campaign til the Congresswoman Marcia Fudge Campaign, and the list continues. In fact, in 2010 the pursuit of 9th District County Council to advocate for “Green Jobs” that creates an opportunity for all.  The Community Outreach goal of educating others of a Green Economy and healthier environment. Most recently, Pat served as a deputy field organizer, and volunteer for President Barack Obama’s 2012 Re-Election Campaign, joining the GET OUT THE VOTE and SLEEP OUT THE VOTE efforts to encourage the importance of voting. In addition to International Political Coaching, she serves as a member and Co-Founder of Organizing for Action, a non-partisan organization that advocates for the issues the American people voted for in 2012. Throughout the Political Campaign work experience the greatest impact is making contributions of improvement in the lives of others.

Pat Brown, Issue Organizer:

Still, after working on the 2012 Presidential Reelection Campaign, an inspiration to join like minded individuals for a common cause was motivating. In fact upon working as a  Summer Fellow,  moving on to become a Deputy Field Organizer working on the GET OUT THE VOTE CAMPAIGN, an opportunity gained that offered a lifetime experience.  However, prior to the Deputy Organizer experience, the Field Management work experience on an Environmental, Clean Air Campaign, was developed to encourage clean energy and a clean economy, with the successful goal of gathering over 50,000 signatures. In fact, on the Anniversary of the “FREEDOM RIDERS” Pat traveled with a local Organizing Group, to several cities encouraging local community members to take action, on social issues that impact their region. Thus, the common topics of concern throughout Ohio were Environmental Hazards, Education, Housing, Immigration and Jobs, the goal of this campaign was to empower the community to bring awareness of the impact State budget cuts and legislation has on it’s local residents.


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    mypatbrown responded:
    March 1, 2011 at 9:19 pm

    E-SPED, INC: http://www.eco-sped.net

    The purpose of E-SPED, Inc is a multi level organization developed to create opportunities in the field of Green Industry, Globally. Our Eco-friendly, Sales, Production, Education, Distribution creates diverse opportunities of employment and collaborations, globally. This organization creates job opportunities not only for the clients of E-JET, Inc., a partnering Sustainable non-profit, but others as well, in addition to creating international for a global environmental impact.

    E-SPED, Inc organization shares a commitment of values that creates Equality, Ethics, and an Environment of accountability. The Ethical practices of what is in both the best interest of the organization as well as, its clients through their products and services provided. Providing, an Equal opportunity both within hiring practices and in an atmosphere of growth. Our Environment of accountability adheres throughout all levels of responsibility of honorable business and investment practices.

    The vision of E-SPED, Inc is to offer employment opportunities in the field of the Green Industry, Globally. Our Eco friendly, Sales, Production, Education, and Distribution will not only offer employment opportunities but raise global awareness of remote and neglected regions globally. In addition to this, with supplying internships and mentoring programs with a global vision of supplying recycling, solar panel, wind turbines and “Clean Water” in distress, areas internationally.

    E-JET, INC: http://www.ecofriendlyjet.org

    E-JET, Inc, organization provides Eco-friendly, jobs, employment, and training to low/middle income individuals, globally. This organization consults and assists individuals with Green Training Job readiness Certification and internship globally. This organization will not allow individuals healthy life style skills but allow them to become self-sustaining taxpaying citizens, as well.

    E-JET, Inc. is an organization that is committed to ethical standards of equality, addressing both socio-economics, and healthy lifestyles through consulting and assisting individuals with self- sustaining skills, through the consulting and assisting those with low/middle incomes equal opportunities in obtaining the Green Training skill sets of the future, employment, and internship opportunities, globally.

    E-JET, Inc’s vision to train low/middle income individuals in Eco friendly, sustainable skills, products and services, globally. To consult and assist with social factors that delays success, as well as offer employment opportunities in the Green Training Industry. To create self-sustaining skills for the ability to have global opportunities of both employment, and internships through partnering with Sustainable organizations globally, to create limitless opportunities with a philanthropic mission of creating “Clean Water” for remote, regions internationally.


    All Around Earth, marketing organization partners and assist Green Industry Sustainable Businesses, Internationally. In addition to raising awareness of Green Sustainable lifestyle opportunities, through encouraging environmental awareness and opportunities, of both E-JET, Inc and E-SPED, Inc.’s products and services with a shared philanthropic mission of recycling and “Clean Water” for remote regions, globally.

    E-JET, Inc. non-profit organization:

    E-JET, Inc is an organization that consults and assists individuals with Eco Jobs, Employment and Training, Globally. This organization will not only teach individuals healthy lifestyle skills but create economically sustainable citizens, as well.

    E-SPED, Inc. socio-enterprise organization:

    E-SPED, Inc, an organization which provide Eco Sales, Production, Education, Distribution, employment opportunities for E-JET, Inc Clients and others, Globally. This organization allow individuals to obtain their hopes and dreams through setting career goals of diverse employment and internship opportunities, working to improve both their lives, as well as, the lives of others through the Green Sustainable industry, products and services, Globally.

    All around earth, a sustainable marketing organization of E-JET, Inc, E-SPED, Inc., having shared values of commitment to equal, ethical, standard practices, to address employment and opportunities of self sustaining awareness of the Green Industry’s products and services, with a united philanthropic mission of “Clean Water” for remote regions, globally.

    All around earth is organization with a global vision, to consult and assist individuals with, sustainable skill sets and awareness to create opportunities for employment, collaborations and investments, with a united mission, internationally. Together, these organizations will supply an opportunity for the Green Industry’s worldwide, address socio-economic and create a healthy living environment, as well.

    James Smart said:
    June 24, 2011 at 11:10 pm

    To Take Life Serious and Appreciate Our Environment Has Been Lost On Meaning.


      mypatbrown responded:
      October 24, 2011 at 12:59 am

      Thank James, we must continue to fight, and not to lose our voice in all the noise.

    Tony Minor said:
    September 12, 2014 at 2:41 pm

    Blessings: I run a health promotion and environmental justice project through Lutheran Metropolitan Ministries in addition to being a pastor. We may know each other since I was a son of olivet. Email me so we can talk at tminor@lutheranmetro.org.

      Sustainable Impact responded:
      January 10, 2015 at 12:58 pm

      Sure Pastor Minor, this would be great, looking forward to meeting with you.

    bobtraupman said:
    January 19, 2015 at 1:05 pm

    Thank you for re-blogging my post on Dr. Martin Luther King!

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