All Around Earth

All Around Earth, is an umbrella marketing brand of a  Green Sustainable Non-profit and Social Enterprise, Internationally. Raising awareness of Green Sustainable lifestyle opportunities, promoting environmental awareness, opportunities, products and services along with a shared philanthropic mission of  for remote regions, internationally.

E-JET, Inc. non-profit organization:
E-JET, Inc is an Non-profit organization that coaches and educates individuals on Eco – Friendly, Jobs, Employment and Training, Internationally. This organization teach individuals healthy lifestyle skills to create self sustainability with a united mission.

E-SPED, Inc. social enterprise:
E-SPED, Inc, a multi  Green social enterprise which provides Eco Sales, Production, Education, and Distribution, employment and investment opportunities, internationally. This organization allow individuals to obtain their hopes and dreams through setting career goals of diverse employment and internship opportunities, working to improve both their lives, and the lives of others through the Green Sustainability industry, products and services.

All around earth, marketing Brand for E-JET and E-SPED International organizations, having shared values of commitment to equal, ethical, standard practices, to address employment and healthy self sustaining awareness in the Green Industry’s products and services, along with a united philanthropic mission promoting “Clean Water and Agriculture” for remote regions, internationally.

All around earth, marketing organization shares a global vision, that coaches, educates and mentors individuals in gaining, sustainable Green Training skill sets to create employment, partnerships, and investment opportunities, with a shared mission, internationally. Together, these organizations will supply an opportunity for the Green  Industry’s internationally, address socio-economics and create a healthy living environment for a better future for all.


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